Visiting the Bab Makkah in Saudi Arabia

Despite its name Bab Makkah Market, this market location is located in Suhaifa, in one corner of Jeddah city, Saudi Arabia. This traditional market is open every morning and closes before Dzuhur prayer. This market is a favorite location to buy gifts because, in addition to goods sold complete, the price is cheap compared to other markets or shopping centers. In the meantime, before you visit that country, it’s recommended for you to learn Arabic English as well.

Bab Makkah market can be reached by car from the city center, just 10 minutes away. All prices of goods sold in Bab Makkah Market are affordable and include cheap compared to elsewhere. Therefore, make sure you record all your needs before buying so as not to drain the contents of your wallet.

As for the price, a perfume sold in Bab Makkah Market, for example, Ted Lapidus perfume, size 100 ml sold for 50 Riyal. Meanwhile, the same perfume sold in Corniche at the cheapest price of 60 Riyal. In addition to perfume, the dates of the Prophet or Ajwa Dates are sold at 60 Riyal per kilogram. The price is 25% cheaper than those sold in Madinah and Makkah which cost 80 Riyal. Similarly, the nail dye is worth 15 to 20 Riyal, Surban for 10 Riyal.