The Best of Bluetooth Beanie From Various Brand

Nowadays Bluetooth beanie is one of the most sought-after gadgets. Bluetooth beanie is a combination of a beanie with a wireless headset. How to use it like wearing a beanie, it’s just that on the right and left side there is a wireless headset that is connected via a Bluetooth connection. Bluetooth beanie durability can reach 8 hours, which means it can meet daily activities. Bluetooth connectivity used is the most recent version.

In this article, we will present the TOP-10 Bluetooth beanie that can be your consideration.

– Rotibox
Rotibox is known as Bluetooth beanie which has the most variations. There are 44 different styles to choose from. Beanie is made of 100 percent acrylic, which is actually a combination of acrylic and wool.

– Blue Ear
Blue Ear is recommended for people who live in cold climates but still want to use a wireless headset. The material is made from a mixture of cotton and acrylic. Blue Ear is produced in 14 different styles.

– Tenergy
This Bluetooth beanie has a playing time of up to 6 hours. Tenergy comes with 7 different styles with acrylic and polyester blends. Although it takes 2½ hours to charge, this Bluetooth beanie can warm the head stably.

– Soundbot
Soundbot has good sound quality and a control panel that can be used. Soundbot is made from a mixture of acrylic and polyester blend.

– Deego
Deego has a charge speed of only 2 hours. Bluetooth beanie is more durable than most and has a lower price than other Bluetooth beanies.

– Ytonet
This Bluetooth beanie is known as a control panel that can be used and only takes 1 hour to charge. Ytonet material is made of a mixture of acrylic and polyester. Unfortunately, Ytonet only has 4 hours of playing time.

This Bluetooth beanie has a playing time of up to 8 hours with only 1-2 hours of charge time. The material is made of a mixture of acrylic and cotton so that it keeps your head warm.

– Pococina
Pococina comes in 6 different styles with playing time up to 6 hours. This Bluetooth beanie is the cheapest with 100 percent acrylic base material.