Play video games in a controlled manner to avoid depression

Playing games for hours will make the mind very tired, even playing games for 4 hours or more continuously can cause the risk of stress and depression. The emergence of depression due to playing games, because someone is often unaware that he has been enslaved by the rules of the game that is burdensome to the mind, where players are forced to follow what the game wants. Aside from that, you can visit Online Games is One website to get Jackpot Party Casino Free Coins Tips as well.

Basically, games are entertainment to enjoy. When someone is stressed, angry, bored, confused, etc. the game can be an outlet to eliminate these negative feelings.

However, if you are a person who is super serious in playing games, then as a suggestion there are several games that need to be avoided, especially when stressful conditions, if playing it can actually increase stress.

Some types of games that need to be avoided are games by pursuing unlimited score targets, where satisfaction will not be achieved if the size is with money because money is a number that has no limits, as a result of how many people are never satisfied in collecting money.

This also applies to game scores. Enabling types of games to collect scores as much as possible without limitation, it can trigger stress. Especially again for people who are very “ambitious” in collecting scores as much as possible.

The thing that makes you sad is that when the score collected is very high but fails to complete the mission, then it can make players stressful because they have to start from zero again. Some examples of games that can create stress like this are Flappy Bird and Temple Run.

Then, avoid games that have a checkpoint system too far apart. Where there are some difficult games, plus the checkpoint (save point) is very far apart. Of course, this type of game can make emotions if the character dies at the end of the game before the checkpoint.

As a suggestion in playing games, you should not play games too seriously, do not also ambitious scores that will stress. The purpose of playing games is actually for entertainment, not a matter of emotional enhancers and stress.