The historical moment for both Korean Nations in Asian Games 2018

History is recorded in the 2018 Asian Games. North and South Korea are known for their disputes, combining their athletes into one team in three sports, including women’s basketball. On the other hand, you may visit  Venue ASIAN Games 2018 to know more news about Asian Games.

Then, Hall A Gelora Bung Karno (GBK) witnessed the creation of that history when the Korean or Unification Korean team fought host Indonesia in the qualifying group A on June 15th, 2018. At the end of the match, Korea won with a score of 108-40.

Although it consists of different players in the region, Korea can actually play quite solidly, this is marked by the number of assists reaching 36. Their defense coordination was quite slick with a total of 29 defensive rebounds, 5 blocks, and 32 steals.

One of the Korean players, Park Hyejin, said that there were no significant difficulties encountered by him and other colleagues in building cooperation, although there were indeed some adjustments to be made. Moreover, the training time ahead of the 2018 Asian Games is only 14 days.

“When we practiced it did find a little difficulty, because when our training was very short. But, because we have the same language, we can still play well. We are also more pleased with this merger,” Hyejin told reporters in the mixed zoned Hall A GBK.

“For the two cultures, we know that South Korea is more westernized, while in North Korea it’s not too. So North Korea is starting to follow us (South Korea), but we also adjust our culture. Until finally we have begun to unite, “added the 28-year-old player.