5 Ways for optimizing a website effectively

Basically, many ways to optimize making a good website are not much different from a good website because the characteristics of the website with a weblog are not much different. Apart from that, don’t hesitate to hire new york city seo company to boost your website’s traffic.

Likewise with the factors that make a website/weblog better, including:


Some surveys state that we only have 10-30 seconds to attract readers’ attention. Thus, if the website that we design is too heavy, the opportunity is gone. So, reduce the number of images or animations installed on the website/weblog or compress to a smaller file size.


Even though we insist on assuming not to judge people from their external forms, in the cyber world it is not the case. People will judge whether you are bona fide (based on KBBI) or not from your web appearance. Try to display the best designs, readable text, colors that are not too noticeable to the reader’s eyes, and our best photos in them. This is so that those who smell think the web is made by someone who is responsible.


If you create a web with a focus on one of the themes that you master, of course over time you will increasingly master your focus. Readers will be happy to visit your website/weblog in the hope of finding something new to their liking. However, if your website/weblog is out of focus, the reader will think that you are not capable in the field they are looking for, except for personal journal websites/weblogs that are free to fill as you like.


The keyword is important for the popularity of your website. However, there are also many people who only concentrate on good keywords, even expensive, just to be popular on search engines. In fact, based on the information I searched for, keywords are not everything. Keywords are important, but not everything. Therefore, keywords can be considered, but not to make you so risky.


People will go back and forth to visit your website/weblog if they trust you. So, don’t ever break the trust they have given you. Honestly, in writing, your website will slowly crawl up on search engines.

Optimizing the on-site SEO

On-site SEO is an optimization done on our own website. This is what we will discuss now. Meanwhile, the Off-site SEO is an off-site optimization. In other words, get backlinks from other websites. There is some debate about the most appropriate and safe way of off-site SEO optimization, but that may be checked out in the other articles. Apart from that, you may also want to hire the recommended Charles Brian International SEO service.

The way of on-site SEO optimization is as follows:

Contact & Privacy Policy page

There is a kind of policy from Google about these two pages, Google prefers websites that have contacts and Privacy Policy pages as they are considered more credible. So make sure your website is well-equipped with these two pages. Privacy Policy form varies, can be like Disclosure page or Terms of Service.

Understand Website Structure

It’s important to understand the structure of a website because the way you link between pages with other pages might be to optimize SEO or even destroy it. There is a so-called “silo structure” that is very popular because it is indeed successful to optimize SEO.


Another important way to optimize on-site SEO is by linking between pages with other pages. When one article has links to another article, it means we are practicing what is called a “link juice” that works to increase rank or traffic.

Some website templates are equipped with “Read more” feature automatically, so we do not have to bother anymore. Well, what if you want to create links or links in the content? We recommend using keywords as anchor text.

Link Variation

In addition to keywords, we can also use multiple link variations. For example:


Click here

Address of website or naked link. Example:


Post title

The following article

If the above steps are done correctly, your website’s ranking will increase a week or several weeks later. Please remember, SEO is slow. Not like when you examine in school or participate in quizzes whose results can be instantly visible.