These Are Two Questions That Will Appear When You See the Habits of UK Residents

When you just moved to the UK, all you have to do is adjust their habits. Because, there are some habits that are foreign to tourists, maybe you are one of them. However, before you have to visit to get a visa by taking an English test.

While staying there, some questions may come to your mind when you see UK residents. Some questions that often arise are

1. Why can’t you cross the street directly?
The lonely London street made the driver of the vehicle free to pass.
Vehicle traffic control lights in the city of London are red, yellow and green, while the crossing lights are red and green.

2. Why do you have to open the door?
In London, opening the door is not just a matter of a man who is in love with a woman. Residents there feel obliged to open the door for people who will pass in front of or behind it.
Many Londoners don’t know where this habit began.