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One of the services that you can do with a relatively long time and must go to a distant country is umrah. The Sunnah service, which this time has a lot of people who carry it out, ranging from the lower classes, government officials, to business people. Umrah worship requires us to run a series of worship in the holy city of Mecca, especially in the Grand Mosque. This administration is for all intents and purposes like the Hajj, beginning with tawaf circumnavigating the Ka’bah, sa’i from Shofa to Marwah, utilizing ihram, and different practices. Anyway, what would it be a good idea for you to know before your Umrah trip? It is smarter to first discover the related data on

Thawaf is one of the groupings in the journey. The reality of this arrangement, it turns out thawaf has been done from antiquated circumstances previously Prophet Ibrahim. The movement of thawaf copies blessed messengers who spin around the still, small voice Kaaba in paradise. Thawaf is also interpreted as a symbol of harmony with natural movements, as well as the earth and everything moving around in its orbit.